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Client Support is about creating a win-win opportunities. Everything we do, we believe in raising standards. We believe challenging the traditional way of doing insurance in PNG is the key to becoming a leading insurer in PNG. We believe in Loyalty and we go beyond the 'call of duty' to ensure our clients needs are understood and met to their expectations "On Time, Every Time".

To fulfill our motto of going beyond the call of duty, SCAL has internal support teams that compliment our core Underwriting and Claims teams. These support teams work behind the scenes to provide crucial technical and administrative support that add value to our services, such as conducting Risk Surveys on commercial and domestic properties, loss inspections and adjusting of motor vehicle claims, providing training and Information materials for our valued clients and ensuring client risk and policy information is accurately entered into the insurance software.



Risk Management is about loss prevention. It involves careful assessment and analysis of information to prevent, reduce and control risks which may impact the operations of a business, company or a domestic home owner. Risk Surveys (physical inspections) and the analysis of risk documentation form the basis for the insurance cover to be underwritten adequately.


SCAL has a team of qualified professionals that conduct this service free of charge for property owners seeking insurance cover. Our team's findings from the property risk surveys conducted is made available to clients as risk improvement recommendations to improve the safety of the property and minimize any major losses that may occur in the near future.

SCAL's Risk Management team is led by Mr Guba Lou (seated in the photo on the left). Mr Lou has over 20 years experience in Risk Survey and is also SCAL's own Loss Adjuster. Mr Lou leads a team of qualified insurance risk surveyors, fire risk surveyors from the PNG Fire Services Department and qualified electricians. 


The Service Center department works very closely with the SCAL Underwriting and Claims departments. Their role is to ensure that  all client information received is entered 100% correctly into the insurance software system, and that information is used to verify loss notifications for potential claims. The Service Center also handles maintenance and filing of all policy documents, including dispatching of policy renewal notices to ensure they are received by Policyholders 'on time, every time'.

The Service Center department is lead by Ms Pauline Tural (seated in the photo on the left), as Manager - Service Center. Pauline has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years. She has worked in various roles in Underwriting, Claims and Accounts, therefore she is very well versed with managing filing systems for policy documents and other internal operating procedures in the insurance business.




Quality Assurance (QA) is a new department created purposely to monitor all the other departments in SCAL and provide ad-hoc support to handle and resolve any queries or issues ensure that high standards of customer service are achieved consistently. The issues are raised by department managers or directly by the senior management, including legal matters. Issues raised may require reviewing work procedures to identify 'bottle-necks' that are restricting the flow of information internally or simply providing additional manpower to ensure tasks proceed on schedule to meet deadlines. In addition, QA also conducts client specific training workshops and provides informational material for corporate clients upon request. The team's objective is to ensure all departments are completing day-to-day tasks correctly and within set time-frames and in compliance with company standards.

The QA team is led by Mr Julius Aila (seated in the photo), who has over 20 years industry experience. Prior to his appointment as QA Team Leader, Mr Aila had previously led teams in Underwriting, Risk Surveying and Loss Adjusting.