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Insurance Claims handling is one of the most crucial functions in all Insurance companies. It is the ultimate test of a competent and responsible insurer.


SCAL's objective is to provide a high standard of claims service in the insurance industry of PNG. This mission is achieved when we give our Policyholders overall prompt and efficient service.

The SCAL claims team is assisted by an in-house loss adjuster and a growing network of reputable service providers across Papua New Guinea to ensure claims are processed, finalized and settled amicably, in the shortest time possible.

Seated in the middle of the photo are the Team Leaders, Mr Tedley Wai (left) and Mr James James (right). Mr Wai and Mr James have over 30 years of industry experience combined in claims and lead a team of diligent claims examiners.


On call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for emergencies.

Settle medical claims within 10 working days, or insured persons can pay excess portion only at any preferred medical service provider.

Loss Adjusting done in-house to ensure swift and amicable settlement of motor vehicle claims and other large claims.


If you wish to make a claim, download a claim form via the links below.

If you require further assistance, regarding how to make a claim. Please feel free to speak to our Claims team on 308 3400.